Pop up Church

Wednesday 17th December was a particularly weird day last year. Our Super Rev Dr Jonathan Pye invited us out as a staff team to have ‘afternoon tea’ at Farrers in Kendal (very good a must on visiting Kendal). The ‘afternoon tea’ soon turned into a ‘lunch and afternoon tea – I was ok with that, however I had just had a mammoth Subway lunch thinking this was going to be dessert! Thank you Jonathan!!

Well, it would be rude not to have two lunches at Christmas, it was all about getting into training for the big day! As we sat stuffed with turkey panini’s and mince pies we started to listen to a colleague about a new venture in the Kendal Circuit ( for the purposes of the new venture not being released this will remain anonymous). However, during our discussions and reflecting. Our colleague accidentally came up with a phrase that we latched onto….‘pop up church’ (PUC). He didn’t term it as his more of what was happening in his section of the circuit, this got Rev Wendy Thornton’s attention. Could PUC have some mileage in it? “Quick register the domain” (WT) and let’s chat about this….it was all done in tongue and cheek but actually as I went away and reflected on this idea, I began to think it through properly.

Imagine if we could literally PUC at a railway station and give our free refreshments? A nursing home? In the centre of the town or just in the local park? For many years the church has opened it’s doors and said we would like you to come in and worship. I believe the tables have turned and we need to ‘go’ and be church to those in community, where lives aren’t sorted as ours aren’t – but walk with them in their needs first. For them to belong, loved, accepted and needed.

PUC is not a fancy gimmick, but an evangelism initiative to seek the lost, and to set those in chains free with the power of the almighty Jesus – the hope and light of the world. Watch this space!


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